Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Popular questions

We get asked lots of questions regarding the correct choice of footwear everyday.

Of course, the best way to ensure you get the best shoe for your running gait is to visit us for a video gait analysis. Many of our customers return to us every time they need new shoes, it helps us build up a bigger picture about them and their running style and needs.

There are common misconceptions about the shape of the feet and the shoes you require.

One of the most common 'mistakes' is the 'wet foot test' - you are told to stand on a piece of paper with wet feet, the resulting outline dictates which type of foot you have the the shoes you need!

Well, no, not quite, what it does is create a nice picture of the outline of your feet - but its both feet, so an outline when stood still, balanced and not going anywhere.
When buying running shoes what use is this? Running is a dynamic movement and its only when you see the feet in action that you can see how they move and their needs changes.

Ensure the best shoes every time by using our unique video gait analysis service for your next pair of shoes.

We have stores in Bolton and Preston and are conveniently placed for runnings from throughout Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

We are close to the motorway networks and have free parking at both stores. We are less than 10miles from Blackburn and Chorley, Manchester and Blackpool.

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